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Motion Creative Solutions was formed in 1997 by Penny Duns and Moti Goldman, two people with a unique combination of talents who saw the power of the internet to transform our lives. This combination of talents is what makes Motion's web sites so well designed and so successful.

Moti came from an engineering and training background. Having a 10 years experience in  training school for an airline, he knows how to "pass the message" in the most efficient way.
Moti also has a degree in Marketing and 15 years experience in running his own company.

All this, plus his in-depth personal knowledge of computers, helps us to create web sites that are efficient marketing tools, easy to navigate, easy to find, and  with a clear and simple message.

Penny is the person who makes the dream come true. She realises the programming, the design and the art work.

She studied ergonomics and cybernetics at Loughborough University in England and has 20 years experience working in computers and marketing as a programmer and systems analyst.

Penny has also studied art and design and has taught ceramics in an adult education centre.

Penny's background and experience in these various fields, is what makes our web pages function properly, be well designed, and very attractive.

Motion Creative Solutions Ltd

Alexander House, 3 Shakespeare Road

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